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Solventborne Colorants & Tinting Systems

For solvent borne decorative paints, Elementis offers an alkyd based colorant line (TINT-AYD AL) as well as several universal water based colorant lines. The traditional universal water-glycol based colorants are more and more replaced by glycol-free colorant systems. Elementis Specialties developed sofar 3 generations glycol-free colorant systems:

First generation: TINT-AYD WCH
This line of glycol-free colorants were introduced in 2000 and are universal (for water-based and solvent-based decorative coatings) and based on poly-ethylene-glycol. These colorants are volumetrically controlled and a P.O.S. (point-of-sale / in-shop) tinting system is formulated with these colorants.

  • Universal
  • PEG-based
  • APEO-free

Meanwhile, this colorant line is succeeded by the second and third generation VOC compliant systems.

Second generation: TINT-AYD WCH Plus (P.O.S tinting) & TINT-AYD IPC (In-plant tinting)
Colorants from these series are glycol-free, APEO-free colorants and universal as well but also poly-ethylene-glycol free. These lines were introduced to the market in 2004. An inhouse developed hydrophylic humectant is used in these colorants series. The use of a humectant instead of poly-glycols lifts the tinted paint properties to a higher level. Particularly in solvent-based decorative paints often better gloss retention is found compared to poly-ethylene-glycol based colorants. The use of a hydrophylic humectant ensures excellent open times as well: no clogging in nozzles of tinting machines, no pumpability problems and extreme stable colorants.

  • Universal
  • Hydrophylic humectant based
  • PEG-free, APEO-free
  • Optimized performance in solvent alkyds
  • VOC compliant (EU directive 2004/42/EC)
  • Tinting System with up to 7 base paints

Third generation: TINT-AYD AQ HC (In-plant tinting) and AQ (P.O.S. tinting)
Elementis Specialties' third generation glycol-free, VOC compliant architectural colorants were formulated in 2009 to address the current growing interest in dedicated colorants for aqueous coatings only. This third generation is based on a dual humectant system and is recommended specifically for water based coatings. A combination of a hydrophylic and a hydrophobic humectant is used. This humectant package, combined with a water-dedicated surfactant package result in optimum paint properties of tinted aqueous paints: viscosity drop in tinted paints and water sensitivity influences are minimized and overall compatibility in water based systems is optimized.

  • formulated for optimum performance in aqueous coatings, deco as well as industrial
  • VOC compliant (EU Directive 2004/42/EC & RAL UZ 102)
  • minimized viscosity drop and effects on water sensitivity (waterspot, scrubresistance)
  • PEG-free, APEO-free
  • Dual humectant based: one hydrophylic, one hydrophobic
  • The AQ line is derived directly from the AQ HC line: exact same chemistry and pigments in in-plant and shop tinting system. This minimizes/eliminates possible metamerism and compatibility differences.
  • Modular Tinting System approach, flexible number and quality base paints

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