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Update on Sustainability Initiatives

September 16, 2014

Elementis Specialties is committed to sustainability. To us sustainability is having an awareness of and taking responsibility for the economic, environmental and social impacts that our business activities have on the health and well-being of people and communities as well as on natural resources and the climate. Our commitment is reflected in our efforts to embed environmentally and socially responsible practices in our core businesses, and is integrated into our R&D portfolio as we build our business for the future.

We at Elementis Specialties take our responsibilities to the environment, our employees, customers, shareholders, stakeholders and society very seriously, as we strive for sustainable, profitable growth. Since September 2009 Elementis has been a member of the UK FTSE4Good Index, a leading global responsible investment index. We believe our sustainability initiatives will facilitate the identification and implementation of cost reduction programs. Sustainability has allowed us to look at our risks through a new lens to become more effective at risk management. Our sustainability initiatives to date have enhanced our customer relationships as we have found ways to work more collaboratively and have developed the talents of our employees as we engage and build our sustainability network.

Within the context of our corporate responsibility framework we are passionate that we will conduct all business with the highest ethical standards, be committed and perform with the highest regards to health and safety and maintain a sharp focus on our responsibilities to the environment and the communities in which we do business.

We are pleased to illustrate two programs in which we are involved that helps Elementis Specialties contribute to a more sustainable world.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

As a member company of RSPO, Elementis Specialties is working to fulfill the vision of making the use of sustainable palm oil and palm oil derivatives the norm. We want to protect and conserve the rich biodiversity found in tropical palm forests by using palm oil sourced from sustainable palm plantations who are responsible and responsive to the issues of soil degradation, biodiversity, local peoples, and land rights.

Check our progress at: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oils


Elementis Specialties is very proud of its recent voluntary evaluation of our environmental, labor, business and sustainability performance. The highlights of this evaluation showed that Elementis Specialties, in its manufacturing category of approximately 150 companies, scored in the following way.

For the Environment top 25% of suppliers

For Labor Practices top 15% of supplier

For Fair Business Practices top 29% of suppliers

We will use the EcoVadis scoring to help us improve our systems and processes to drive continuous improvement in our sustainability practices.

For more information: EcoVadis

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