03*Pure in cosmetics


海名斯特殊化学在个人保养用品市场中具有领先性的全球原材料供货商。BENTONE® 有机膨润土与 BENTONE GEL® BENTONE® 散剂在单一溶剂与溶剂型乳化涂料中提供独特的流变效能。海名斯特殊化学制造的系列产品在全球的止汗剂、彩妆用品与皮肤/防晒配方上有极佳的应用记录。

Elementis Specialties also provides natural, bio-functional and active ingredients for hair care, skin care and anti-aging formulations. Our FANCOR®, FANCOL®, FANCORSIL®, MEADOWQUAT®, MEADOWESTOLIDE® and MEADOWLACTONE® products are based on natural Meadowfoam oil and Abyssinian oil. Additionally, Elementis offers a full range of high quality, low pesticide containing Lanolin and Lanolin derivatives.

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