Liquid Inks

Elementis Specialties provides a wide range of specialty chemical additives encompassing for liquid ink applications. The products include rheological additives, antisettling agents, defoamers, dispersants, wetting agents, flow & leveling additives, wax dispersions, and other specialty items.

In our efforts to work in a global environment, we have divided our business into three units serving the regional markets of Americas, EMEA and the Asia Pacific regions. We encourage our customers to experience our entire product line, especially to those products made specifically for their regions.

Technologies:   → Antisettling Agents
  → Colorants & Tinting Systems
  → Defoamers
  → Flow & Leveling
  → Rheology Modifiers
  → Specialty Additives
  → Waxes & Slip Additives
  → Wetting & Dispersing Agents