Surface Chemistry

Our surface scientists develop additives that are used by coatings formulators to control the interaction of their products with relevant surfaces.

Elementis’ surface active additives mitigate surface tension differences between coatings and plastic, metal or wood substrates to allow for effective wetting and even coverage without defects. Other additives modify the substrates’ coefficient of friction to control the slip or smoothness of the coated substrate. Our specialty adhesion promoters are made to improve the compatibility between the coating and substrate, leading to their improved interaction and subsequent adhesion of the coating.

Coating formulators must also pay attention to how the multiple ingredients in a coating interact with each other. Our dispersants modify pigment surfaces to stabilize them and so facilitate even distribution in the wet coating. Our defoamers coat and destroy air bubbles and pockets that form during manufacture or application - key to maintaining the aesthetics of the applied coating.

As industry moves to the increased use of synthetic, low polarity surfaces, and to the greater use of aqueous coatings, the need for additives that help to bridge the polarity divide without affecting critical performance properties will continue to expand. Elementis Specialties has prepared the technology to deliver on these needs.