Rheology – the science of flow

Rheology is the science of how liquids deform and flow under applied stress. Rheological additives control all the flow characteristics of a formulation. They not only “thicken” a liquid, they also modify its behavior and structure in a predictable way to control suspension, sag resistance, storage stability, application behavior, spatter resistance, leveling, film thickness, and film appearance. All of these are fundamentally important for the ultimate success of the end-product, whether it is a paint, cosmetic, grease or drilling-fluid.

Elementis first invented the clay-based rheological additives over 60 years ago. The BENTONE® trade name quickly became the global bench-mark; much copied but never out-performed. As the market needs evolved, Elementis’ innovative chemists responded quickly and we now offer an unsurpassed range of additives for all possible flow and formulation requirements.

The clay-based additives for water or solvent-borne applications provide suspension control, sag resistance and storage stability. The RHEOLATE® associative thickeners for low and no VOC, aqueous formulations give excellent flow and leveling for smooth and glossy coatings. The THIXATROL® polyamide chemistry provides superb structure and high film build for the most demanding industrial finishes.

Elementis is proud to be the recognized global expert in this field. We continue to keep abreast of all market and technological developments to maintain this reputation. Our chemists are actively developing unique products to meet the tough modern formulation challenges, whilst our technologists are working at the very fore-front of the science to improve its fundamental understanding.