Polymer Architecture

Elementis is an expert in designing polymers that deliver specific properties.

Our product portfolio covers an array of chemistries. Precise control of the chemical composition, size, shape and functionalization of macromolecules is critical to meeting the performance and compatibility requirements of our customers. Our scientists excel at this control of polymer architecture.

In delivering the required architecture, our global research organization makes use of the full range of polymerization techniques. As a specialty supplier of high performance, high impact materials we will, as required, utilize multiple step processes to deliver the required architecture. We have optimized our Operations and Supply Chain divisions to be best in class at delivering products coming from such processes.

Rheology control additives, dispersants, wetting agents, defoamers, adhesion promoters, leveling additives all benefit from our ability to control polymer architecture. The combination of this technical expertise with our insights into rheology and surface science allow us to uniquely meet customer needs in the markets we serve.