Formulating Skills

Elementis expertise in formulating guides our customers along the most effective and efficient paths to meet their performance requirements.

Across all the industries we serve, the performance requirements of finished formulations have risen rapidly in the past decades. Cost control, environmental awareness and rapid market evolution, together with higher expectations from the end-users, all challenge the modern formulator. Elementis is in a unique position to assist.

With a broad portfolio of additives based on our own technology and many years application experience in each of the key industries we serve, Elementis’ global technical teams know exactly how to balance the choice of ingredients to reach a customer’s desired target. Specialist staff in coatings, cosmetic, construction and oil-field applications are all dedicated to finding the best solutions efficiently. Careful experimental design coupled with a fundamental understanding of the additives’ chemistry, avoid the wasteful practice of “trial-and-error” and help secure the most robust formulations.

This dedicated technical support for our customers is a cornerstone of the Elementis philosophy. It also ensures we stay aligned with current market trends and future demands, allowing us to continue to develop the best leading-edge technology.