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Solventborne Flow & Leveling Agents

Elementis Specialties offers DAPRO® and LEVELOL® flow and leveling agents for both waterborne and solventborne paints, coatings, inks and other applications. DAPRO® and LEVELOL® flow and leveling agents are designed to eliminate or reduce film defects such as crawling, fish-eyes, and some forms of cratering.

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Architectural/decorative, auto OEM/refinish, agricultural & industrial, equipment, marine, protective/anticorrosive, Furniture/appliance, coil/can (non food), traffic (road marking), UV coatings
Architectural & decorative, auto OEM, agricultural & industrial equipment, protective/anticorrosive, can (food), Traffic (road marking)
Levaslip 411
Solventborne coatings
Levaslip 432
Solventborne coatings
Levaslip 435
Solventborne coatings.
Levaslip 455
Waterborne and solventborne coatings
Levaslip 466
Solventborne coatings
Levaslip 468
Waterborne and solventborne coatings, UV curable coatings
Levaslip 810
Medium polar systems like epoxy coatings, polyurthane coatings
Levaslip 8627
Solvent & UV curable system
Levaslip 871
Solventborne coatings
Levaslip 872
Polyester/melamine, alkyd/melamine, acrylic/melamine
Levaslip 875
N/C lacquer, PU, acid curing
Levaslip 876
Solventborne coatings
Levaslip 879
PU, N/C lacquer, acid curing, waterborne
Levelol 495
Solventborne coatings
Levelol 835
Solventborne coatings
Levelol 837
Solventborne coatings
Levelol 839
Solventborne coatings
Levelol TSP
Solventborne coatings