Industrial Paints and Coatings

Solventborne Defoamers

Elementis Specialties offers various types of defoamers under the trade name DAPRO® for both waterborne and solventborne paints, coatings, inks and other applications. DAPRO® defoamers help eliminate both macro and micro bubbles in a variety of applications.

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Defom 2700
UV curing coatings, unsaturated polyester composites, epoxy coatings
Defom 3150
Unsaturated polyester coatings
Defom 3200
Sanding sealer, baking paint, N/C lacquer
Defom 3500
Wooden primer coatings
Defom 5300
Solventborne coatings
Defom 5400
Solventborne coatings
Defom 5800F
Solventborne coatings, toy coatings
Defom 6500
Solventborne coatings, toy coatings, epoxy coatings
Defom 6510
2K polyurethane coatings, solventborne industrial coatings, epoxy coatings
Defom 6700
Solventborne coatings and ink
Defom 6800
Epoxy coatings, floor coatings