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Elementis Specialties is a leading global supplier of natural hectorite clay and other rheological additives to the personal care industry. Our BENTONE® organoclay powders and BENTONE GEL® dispersions offer unique rheological performance in both single oil systems and the oil phase of an emulsion. Our range of BENTONE® hydrophylic clays offers a shear thinning viscosity to your water based formulations.

Elementis Specialties also provides natural, bio-functional and active ingredients for hair care, skin care and anti-aging formulations. Our FANCOR®, FANCOL®, FANCORSIL®, MEADOWQUAT®, MEADOWESTOLIDE® and MEADOWLACTONE® products are based on natural Meadowfoam oil and Abyssinian oil. Additionally, Elementis offers a full range of high quality, low pesticide containing Lanolin and Lanolin derivatives.

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